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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions about Leisure Guard Pet Insurance Answered

Pre-existing conditions are usually identified by a vet in your cat or dog and can refer to both illnesses and injuries. Unfortunately, we can’t cover pre-existing illnesses or conditions that your pet suffers from. If you’d like more information on what is meant by ‘pre-existing conditions’ and our policy, then you can read more here.
At Leisure Guard Pet Insurance, it’s easy to switch your current policy to us. If you’re not happy with your current pet insurance, then you can get a quote with us when your current cover is due for renewal. We’re even offering 20% off your first year of cover for new Leisure Guard Pet customers! If you’ve never claimed on your pet insurance for vet treatment, then switching your cover to us shouldn’t be a problem. If your cat or dog has needed vet treatment for a medical condition or injury, then that pre-existing condition will not be covered when you switch to Leisure Guard Insurance.
There is no upper age limit on our pet insurance. With our cover, you can apply for insurance for a senior cat or dog no matter their age.

Yes! We are able to cover working dogs. Our insurance includes dogs that are used for shooting, hunting or working with livestock. We also cover dogs whose job it is to assist you or somebody else, e.g. a therapy dog.

Making a Claim

If something has happened to your pet, then we’re very sorry to hear it. If you find yourself needing to make a claim against your policy, then we’ll tell you what your next steps are and how you can get in touch with us.

1. Get in touch

If you need to make a claim, then feel free to contact our UK-based claims team. Once you’ve made a claim, we can keep you updated regularly by text or email. Make your claim by either calling Covea Insurance on: 0333 130 4534

Alternatively you can email: claims@petadminteam.com

2. Worried that your pet is lost or stolen?

Cat owners will need to contact local rescue centres within 24 hours of your cat going missing. Dog owners must contact the police immediately if you suspect your dog has gone missing or has been stolen.

3. Make your claim

If your claim has been successful, then we can pay the full amount either:

  • Straight into your bank account so you aren’t left out of pocket, or;
  • To your vet, if this is more convenient for you

Claims are handled in the UK by Covea Insurance. While your claim is being dealt with, you can receive regular updates on its progress via email or text message.


For Dog Liability claims, please contact Ageas Insurance by either phone:

0345 415 0495

or email: commercialclaims.eastleighteam@ageas.co.uk

Benefits of Leisure Guard Pet Insurance

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